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One 250ml glass of hemp milk contains around 48% of your daily calcium requirements! Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, our Hemp milk also decreases bad LDL cholesterol and also decreases the risk of heart disease. Hemp Milk, one of the original super foods!

Hemp-Milk Australia

Once we started searching further into the benefits of this definitive super food, the focus of its benefits and simplicity of its connection with our bodies has become more and more understanding.
The only question that keeps coming to mind is, “Why is it not EVERYWHERE already?”

Hemp seeds are great for Digestion and Inflammation, nearly everybody now are experiencing irritations and inflammations due to their dietary intake. Not focusing on a flow and more systematic body clock for processing foods and nutrients. Hemp seeds will assist in your digestion and create a balance in many forms of Inflammations in the body; Joint, intestinal inflammation, bowel inflammation and brain inflammation.

In new studies we have found that for most, lactose intolerance is genetic. “All babies can digest and absorb lactose as their first food. As we grow up, for many of us that potential diminishes and parts of the intestine that secrete lactase stop working.”. Said Robin Foroutan (R.D at the Academy of nutrition and dietetics) who specialises in food sensitivities.

The fatty acids and amino acids contained in the Hemp seed, excelling in Omega 3, 6 and 9 ( more than chia, flax and fish) are the defining fatty acids that our immune system depends on, and its unique balance of these fatty acids to protect you bodies response to the immunity of your blood and liver. Its proven that Hemp Seed oil consumption and topical applications improve many skin irritations, rashes and even eczema.

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