There are so many ways you can switch up your meals to add in a little extra protein with some nutritional Hemp Seeds.
Here is a few ideas to give you an insight into how you can do so;

1. Throw in Salads

Add some healthful crunch to your next salad! Skip those fried croutons and replace with hemp seeds for those infamous healthful fats.

2. Make Pesto Sauce

Traditional pesto sauces are created with pine nuts. To increase the protein content of pesto, swap out pine nuts for hemp seeds. Top whole grain noodles, chicken, and vegetables with this alternative Pesto.

3. Add in Homemade Granola

Make granola at home to drastically cut unnecessary sugars and fats that are often found in prepackaged bags. Use granola to top oatmeal and Greek yogurt. Add some fruits of your choice on top also and you have a nutritious start to your day 🙂

4. Sprinkle over Cereal

Amplify the protein of cereal with hemp seeds. The nutty flavor compliments and accelerates a crunchy, hearty bowl of whole grain cereal.

5. Seedy Bananas

For a naturally sweet snack packed with protein, roll a peeled banana in your favorite nut butter. Add crunch by sprinkling on hemp seeds.

6. Healthified Cookies

Have a cookie sweet tooth? Fill that craving and avoid unwanted calories with these delicious protein rich Cookies !
Also a nice Banana Hemp bread is great to take to work, here’s a recipe we’ve found
now there is also hemp flour so defiantly worth a try! we add in our Organic Hemp Milk of course 🙂

7. Throw in Smoothies

Smoothies are excellent canvases to embrace protein and nutrients. Throw in hemp seeds for a protein-packed smoothie with a creamy mouthful. Since hemp seeds are slightly nutty in flavour, bananas are an excellent pairing option but let the creativity flow!
Our favourite has to be Cacao, Frozen Banana, Hemp Milk, extra Hemp Seeds, Little touch of salt, and some honey. Yum!

8. Eat from the Bag

Hemp seed alone is a superior well-balanced snack. For an easy-to-store snack, keep a bag of hemp seeds in your work drawer or in the car.